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Encrypted audio recording

Audio recording in protected format.

Roll call entry

Indexing using a keyboard.

Record audible audio that can be logged

Insert a name and a unique marker point.

Encrypted material

A file that can be protected with a password.

Prebuilt templates

Text input in pre-built RTF format!

Listening back

Computer, with foot pedal control.

Adjustable playback speed

While listening back, reduce playback speed, increase.

Automatic recording level

For optimal audio quality.


Digital audio recording

Listen back based on inserted index points

Digital audio recording is created during the conference. Audio recording can be logged by inserting a marker point of any name and the name of the contributor during the recording. These points are also index points, i.e. listening can be controlled by the index points inserted. The seat audio can be listened to with DigIrat, or it can also be converted to mp3. You can then listen to it on your computer, using Windows Media Player or any mp3 compatible media player software.
Up to several bodies

Any number of contacts

To use Digirat, you need to create a collegiat roster. This roll call allows you to easily retrieve comments afterwards. You can create as many rosters as you want, so the system can be flexibly applied to any number of bodies or committees.

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