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Project IDENTIFICATION Number: 2018-1.1.1-MKI-2018-00126

The project is titled "Complete video solution for webcasting, recording, video conferencing connection, development of unique hardware and software products."

Beneficiary company: Globomax Private Limited Company
Main implementation site: 1155 Budapest, Wysocki u. 1.
Project time: 01/07/2019 - 30/06/2021
The total cost of the project is HUF 153,482,355, of which HUF 99,469,357 is grant

Description of the project

The development of the project creates a unique system for providing complex video services. It's unique because it provides a consistent hardware and software environment from robotic cameras to video switch mixing devices to video streaming and video conferencing services. 

The robot camera to be developed as part of the project is a unique service for the un." Intelligent Light System", which will significantly improve the image quality of video recording and broadcasting. We will also use our experience in the use of robotic cameras over the past 13 years in camera development. 

The hardware and software solutions of the proprietary video switch mixing device will allow a complex multi-camera system to be operated by a single operator using a special algorithm developed by us, the "Multipoint Video Control Algorithm". The automatic Deep Learning tracking feature, supported by the new robot camera, will also serve to minimize management personnel. 

As a broadcaster, the system will be able to send video streams to major foreign streaming providers (YouTube, Ustream, LifeStream, etc.), but also to domestic streaming servers such as of our interest and the we will soon create. The system will be able to connect to servers in cloud-based video conferencing systems. 

Our main objective when recording events is to do post-video editing work at all or only slightly.

The video system created under the project is not to be sold as a service, but as a "boxed" product, more precisely as a system. The success of the product is based on the 2014 video traffic accounting for 67% of the world's internet traffic, reaching 80% by 2019 (source: Cisco Visual Networking Index). The need for "video presence everywhere" has brought with it the emergence of a new industry over the past decade. This industry has recently been called Streaming Media. We expect dynamically expanding players in this dynamically growing industry in our sales strategy. It is easy to see the wide range of customers, since where there is an event today, its video broadcast and recording are increasingly a demand. The unique complexity and forward-looking features of the video system we develop can be sold anywhere, regardless of geographic location.

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