The need for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to meet modern business and production
support for improvements to adapt to the

Project identification number: VEKOP-1.2.6-20-2020-00579 "Tender manufacturing technology,
development of information technology and corporate activity and renewable
energy supply'

Beneficiary company: Globomax Private Limited Company
Main implementation site: 1155 Budapest, Wysocki u. 1.
Project time: 01/07/2020 - 30/06/2021
The total cost of the project is HUF 34,692,880, of which HUF 24,285,015, huf support loan

Description of the project:

Investments under the project can be grouped as follows:
Investments in manufacturing technology: Our manufacturing technology is essentially based on small series
be adapted to the production. Our products are primarily system-based, some of our devices are
varies from 100 to 600 pieces. This technology is used to match 3D printing
and plastic vacuum pouring as additive technologies. In the framework of the proposal, these two
production of plastic parts based on technology. The proposal
4 3D printers to be delivered within the framework of the
for the manufacture of components for the device. Ensuring the same quality as injection molding,
plastic vacuum-pouring equipment to be included in the project.
we would produce clearly visible, touchable parts of our devices. According to our calculations, the 4 x 3D
printer and 1 vacuum pouring machine for the production of our annual plastic parts needs.
We could work this out. Within the framework of the competition, we would also obtain a 3D scanner, which
3D printer and plastic vacuum pouring equipment, components that are
which do not have a model file, i.e. the starting point is a sample component.
These devices allow us to save on expensive injection molding
tools that are not economical in the number of pieces of equipment we sell,
they are made for tens of thousands of pieces. They allow you to use the design of your devices
frequently, or to appear on the market with multiple devices at the same time, and
you don't have to make expensive injection molding tools separately. Sum
we expect significant improvements in our competitiveness from these investments. Also technological
investment in portable audio and acoustic audio to be sourced within the framework of the tender
measuring park. Audio for frequency electronic and measuring microphone acoustic measurements
manufacturing processes and installations (portable battery

Infrastructure investments: Infrastructure investments include, on the one hand, the
construction conversions related to the building. These are typically used to
conversions related to the installation of the device. In the context of investments in manufacturing technology,
installation of machines requires the proper design of 25-30m2, the appropriate
energy design. Also included in infrastructure investments is a 25 kW
installation of a solar system on the roof of our property. Our own property
the structure of the roof provides an ideal opportunity for the solar power generation system to
Implement. The performance of the solar system is not only
but provides a large part of our company's total electricity supply.
Introduction of a corporate governance system: Within the framework of this tender, a new corporate governance
we want to introduce a system. A system that is comprehensive in our company's activities, which
commercial offers, contracts, invoicing, production, material management,
development, timesheets, i.e. all processes of the company, are
system. In summary, the three parts above help to preserve the
because new technologies (additive manufacturing technologies), methods of
competitiveness with manufacturing cost-effectiveness, a wide range of new products.
energy efficiency and the organisation of our operational processes.

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