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Globomax Zrt. has many years of sound technology experience at its disposal. We offer our assistance in the development and implementation of system construction and renovation plans for the production of sound recordings.


Professional advice

In any case related to sound technology, e.g. room sound system, studio technology, school radio, home stereo, etc.

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Plan and bid preparation

We consult with any subcontractors (painting, electrical installation, furniture) and after the plan is completed, we send you two, sometimes three offers.



We work with premium quality materials, our colleagues install the ordered tools on the border!

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We will not consider the system to be passed until the person receiving the treatment has received the appropriate education.


System administration

In general, our employees can help you in person anywhere in the country even on the day of the announcement.

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Solving individual wishes

We have permanent resources to solve IT, electronics and mechanical problems.

Paver devices

Paver devices

The following tools can be found in all our sound systems!



Useful information about an installation.. 



We can handle special and unique needs! 

Our company Globomax Zrt. has been
experience with its clients.

We offer our audio technical services to all interested parties for all applications. Most of our experience and references are in the conference-type paver system, since Globomax Zrt. has been involved in the sound system of banquet halls, boardrooms and conference rooms, thanks to the spread of the conference, it is now almost our standard product, the Microvoks system, which has the perfect sound system.

Common errors

Earth loop

Quiet moaning in the speakers or in the audio recording. Assuming a perfectly configured system, it is generated when foreign technology is connected to the sound system, such as a camera or laptop.


A loud booing or beep occurs when a microphone gets too close to a speaker or sets a microphone too loud on the mixing desk.

Noisy audio recording

When the microphone is far from the speaker, the noises in the room (paging, paper rattles, coffee cup chirping, air conditioning, street noise coming through an open window) are louder than speech.

Echoing recording

It may be caused by a mis-configured mixing desk, or if it is recorded with a computer, it can also be a sound card. In computer recordings, it is important not to monitor the recording channel and to turn off the sound environments, noise reduction, AGC.


Baranya County

Assembly Hall


Mayor's office, boardroom


Mayor's office, boardroom


Mayor's office, boardroom

Budapest Annex VII, the following shall be a District

Mayor's office, boardroom

Budapest 15th century, the 19th century District

Mayor's office, boardroom

... serves not only the work of municipal bodies, but other democratic and proportionate decision-making bodies, from preparation to the implementation and publication of decisions...

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