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Find out about the life of the municipality and the functioning of the institutions. Municipal application from Globomax!

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In 2013

Public interest/public announcements

Illegal dumping, reporting potholes based on their position with photos and comments!

Events, programs

Local events requestreminders

Emergency module

GPS coordinate alert
Sends a text message to a pre-specified phone number. So in case of ill health, it's clear where to go!

Problem map

The user can record various problems with a tap to the municipality.

Smart transport

  Show current bus positions on a map. Departures, flights, stops!

Continuous improvements

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Smart transport

Online display of the city's public transport, GPS tracking, city timetable (you can see how close the bus is to the stop, I can decide whether to hurry or there is still time until the bus arrives, detectmy position and offer nearby bus stops). Timetable editing and flight attribution facilities are also available for transport operators.

Karate announcement

Public interest/public announcements (e.g. illegal dumping of rubbish, potholes...). Photo by your position, with annotations. Photo and annotations by position marked on the map!

Events, festivals, push

Promote municipal, events, events and services. For example, part of the city dependent push messages about major announcements (it will appear on your phone even if the app isn't turned on once it's been downloaded).

Emergency module

With gps coordinates, an alert alert is sent to a predefined phone number, which may be a relative, friend, or central emergency number. So in case of unwell, it's clear where to go.

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