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Presentations, annexes, decisions and minutes of meetings of the representative bodies and committees may be viewed on a timely basis.

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Our colleagues will be happy to show you the knowledge of the system at a pre-arranged time!

Can be used without changing the current administrative processes

 The system fits into and assists with your existing, well-functioning processes!

Quick-to-implement, browser-based

There is no complicated, complicated rollout process that takes time. Get started right away! Available from anywhere via a browser.

System-organised collegial and commission processes

Cumbersome data management is a long time ago! In MikroDat, you can keep track of your data in an easy-to-read and user-friendly interface!

Up-to-date corporate and commission materials

Both the council and its committees and the employees of the mayor's office can access all corporate material, be it PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Paperless decision-making

Using the system can drastically reduce the amount of paper used in each seat. No printing, copying, no need to provide documents for closed seat materials.

Efficient search, publication

Forget the plaid paper, you will find your fixed decisions and regulations in the system in no time! Display all public representative body documents on your website.

Significant savings!

The system allows you to achieve significant paper savings!
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If you get stuck, you'll need more information about our products, you might have a special question about the software and its settings, our experts will help you!

Gergely Nagy

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regional sales manager

Istvan Nemeth

06 30 998 3699

regional sales manager

Simon Patrik

06 30 581 3991

regional sales manager

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