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Municipal TV

Insteadofforegrounding video sharers, we create a media service specially developed for local and local government needs.


Simultaneous interpretation system

One or two lead language interpretations.

Secure infrared system

Eavesdropping protection.

Efficient service

Easy to use, convenient to use.


Infrared radiator

Infra-red radiators are responsible for transmitting a control signal produced in the system's central unit to the infrared receiver units using infrared rays.


The receiver is used to receive and decode infrared signals emitted by the infrared radiator. The receiver is capable of receiving a total of 7 different sound channels, which are placed in a light and small housing.

Interpretation unit

An interpreter unit is suitable for the service of an interpreter, which includes high-quality interpreter headphones. An external microphone or headset can be connected to the unit instead of the built-in microphone.

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