25 years 25 moments

The last 25 years in the company's life have not gone without a trace. Since its inception, we have gained a lot of experience, experience and human relationships. 25 years 25 moments. In a bouquet. Join us on this time travel, we will look back until the company is founded,...

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LCD touchscreen, Full IP communication Unique, or PoE power – with wireless charger! List voting option!


Our municipal protocol solution converts the audio of the board meeting into text within 48 hours, with complete data security.

It's a call- and-a-list

Customer calling system, from £199.99! Long lines in the doctor's office? Impatient citizens at the Mayor's Office client reception? We'll work it out.


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MIkrotext, Personal Presentation

Contact our salespeople and ask for a personal presentation.

We gave you huawei y6 mobile!

We congratulate Gusztáv Budaházy from the bottom of my heart, use it healthily!


Proposals, annexes, decisions and decisions of the representative body and committee meetings may be viewed on an agenda.


Find out about your life in the municipality and how the institutions work. Municipal application from Globomax!

partner program

It is a great pleasure for us to welcome our flat-rate customers and to use our services!
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 Our Municipal TV media server service has been added with a new feature. The page's innovative search module collects information per meeting, agenda, and representative contributionusing the original unedited recordings. The new development...

Client-calling action!

The choice is in your hands, but the solution is given by us. You can choose from our customer-calling systems – even in a monthly fee plan! Our client-calling systems are now from 699.999 FT! For more information, call salesperson...

Customer calling system, from £199.99!

Long lines in the doctor's office? Impatient citizens at the Mayor's Office client reception? Are you having difficulty calculating resources when planning agents' working hours? Lack of customer satisfaction measurement? We offer solutions to all of this with cheap serial number publishers,...

Spring education!

In 2019, we will pay particular attention to our flat-rate customers participating in our Partner Program! We will continue to expand the discounts (training fee, software purchase, upgrade discounts) and organize new promotions.

Decent work and economic growth

Fair work and economic growth in our Medium-term plans for 2019 and 2020 have been targeted at a higher pace of development. This is for the development resources we have won in the applications, our new products completed and sold in 2018, and our expanding product range...

Weekly Tip - Roll Call Voting

Since roll-call voting is relatively rare, you may not be fully aware that the Mikrovoks system can handle your name by name in accordance with the law. Displays the vote one by one on your monitor...


Our microTextMunicipal protocol solution is the sound of the board meeting in the 21st century. In accordance with the expectations of 19th-century digital administration, within 48 hours, it will be converted into text with complete data security. For special needs, even in minutes...

Globomax Globe

Let's protect earth. Globomax Globusz Program and Competition - 2019 Related FACEBOOK PAGE! In agreement with our colleagues, the programme decided to pay particular attention to sustainability in 2019. We feel it's important that it's just as livable...

Quality education

Presentation of alternative teaching methods E.g. support for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlfuQqVMu0Y Educational Institutions Support municipalities who receive a school group at least once a year for all colleagues attend education and conferences...

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Snapshots of the life of the company, media appearances, insight into developer behind-the-scenes secrets!

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About our products, packages, education..

Development journal

Following the release of our MVU 404 touchscreen IP-based conference system, we launched a new development in July this year. We want to introduce our partners and interested parties behind the scenes, guide them to the "secret world" of developers. Therefore, from time to time we present the most important stages of development, we make our developers sound, we present the results in video clips...

Media appearances

In recent years, we have boasted numerous media appearances from here and beyond the border! 


Come with us and get a glimpse of our lectures, our conferences.

The 2019 hit is the newest member of the MicroVoks range, the MVU405A touchscreen voting unit, which was a big hit at our conferences last year. Take a look at the atmosphere of our conferences last year. We plan to introduce ourselves in as many places as possible this year!

We're looking forward to our conferences again this year.

In view of the great success, we will continue to hold conferences on our products and novelties this year, which we will publish on our Facebook page.
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