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Voting and conference system

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Vote counting

The system can manage open, secret, roll-call and even list voting.

Discussion management

The system assigns individual comments to agenda items. The machine queues and displays representatives ready to comment.

Sound system

When comments are made, the computer turns on the relevant person’s microphone. The recorded sound will be heard through the voting unit or the loudspeakers in the room.

Keeping of minutes

The system is capable of automatically drafting minutes.

Digital voice recording

The encrypted digital voice recording is performed directly by the computer.

Dictaphone mode

After the meeting is over, digital dictaphone functions help you take the minutes.

The MikroKam software has been awarded
the prestigous

Hungarian Quality Product Award




The LCD TV display mode allows the user to display presentations and videos beyond voting-related information

LCD counter

The representative needs a 10-digit ID or card reader to login. This is required to verify the system attendance sheet. The device is equipped with a simultaneous interpretation function as well. There is a headphone and microphone interface on the side of the device.

Robotic camera system connection

Four pre-programmed cameras are installed in the conference room. These cameras constantly monitor users after setup. This upgrade allows the system to provide terrestrial and cable TV streaming as well.


Should you have any specific questions on the software setup, or require further information on our products, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Hangtalan működés


HD rendszer csendben és észrevétlenül végzi munkáját. A kamerák vezérléséről, mozgatásáról pedig a MikroVoks e-testületi rendszer gondoskodik.



Hangtalan működés


A HD felbontás nem csak az internetes közvetítések számára hozott minőségi javulást.


 HD Minőség 

Az ülésteremben négy, előprogramozott kamera került elhelyezésre. A rendszer beállítását követően ezek folyamatosan figyelik a felhasználókat.

Ezzel az upgrade-el a rendszer alkalmassá vált a földfelszíni, ill. kábel televíziós közvetítések számára is.